Let’s face it – by the end of the year, most of us have run out of steam. And possibly the last thing anyone wants to do is jump through all the hoops needed to buy a new home.

However, come January, once all the fuss has died down, home buyers have breathing space to reflect on what they want for the coming year.

Why sell after Christmas?

Below we’ve listed some strategic reasons for selling your home in January:

Less competition

Typically, fewer sellers list their homes over the holiday period. This means less competition for your home from other sellers, which could result in you securing a higher sale price than you’d anticipated.

Media over the ‘silly season’

We start seeing evidence on TV first – the repeats of old TV shows, the ‘filler’ programs we see only over the holiday period. As auctions cease (from mid December until early February), business and property writers run out of ‘gloom and doom’ ammunition. There are no clearance rates to bemoan, so less negative press, which means buyers aren’t spooked before they even get to grips with their needs.

A fresh start

Once potential buyers have taken down the Christmas decorations and packed the visitors back home, they have time to contemplate a new lifestyle in a new area, or to upgrade in the area in which they live already.

Don’t forget, school holidays make it easier for families to look for their new home.

As well, January is often when people are changing jobs and relocating, or looking for a change in lifestyle and outlook. These are serious buyers who are ready to buy right then and there should they find the right property.

Staging your home for a post-Christmas sale

When you’re taking down and storing your Christmas decorations for another year, use this opportunity to declutter.

Naturally, before you allow a photographer into your home, it’s a good idea to touch up any worn paint and make any minor repairs. Give your home a deep clean, put any extra furniture into storage so your home looks larger and stage your home to appeal to the right buyers.

Take advantage of summer

As January in the Inner West is usually sunny and hot, make the most of your outdoor area. Allow potential buyers to imagine themselves seated around your immaculate barbecue area, beside a perfectly mown lawn and neat pavers, admiring your colourful garden beds.

If you don’t have shade already, invest in a new patio umbrella to anchor any outdoor furniture. And get in the professionals to edge the lawn neatly, trim shrubs, trees and hedges, and mulch the whole garden. (You’ll be amazed at the difference a load of mulch makes to the look of your garden.)

Kerb appeal is key

While the sun can make everything look cheerier, it can be harsh on flaws. Take the time to drive by your home and look at what potential buyers see. How’s your letterbox looking these days? House number? Is your hedge looking a bit ragged? What’s the condition and cleanliness of the exterior paintwork and roof?

If you aren’t confident that your home is looking its best, head to the hardware store or garden centre for a new letterbox and some colourful shrubs to give your home that all-important kerb appeal. And for the finishing touch, engage a cleaner to pressure clean exterior paintwork, pavers, driveway and your roof.

Your real estate agent: the key to sales success

For a successful sale, you want a qualified licensed real estate agent who understands the Inner West and can offer you the best sales and marketing strategy. If you’re ready to sell your home in January, call us at Cobden & Hayson Balmain. Our team of local experts is on hand to ensure you don’t make these 5 mistakes when selling your home so your January home sale is a success.

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