Creating dual-purpose rooms in your home before selling can inspire potential buyers. And even if you aren’t ready to sell, a dual-purpose room can make your living space more usable and help you enjoy your home more. We’ve put together some ideas to transform your space in a weekend.

Preparation and inspiration

The secret is to start with a plan. Strip the room of all its contents and what do you see? How can you use the space? What do you want the space to do? How much time will you spend in it? What is your budget for furniture and storage units?

Once you have your plan and your budget, think about the most cost-effective and time-efficient options. For a guest room cum office, a wall bed (‘Murphy bed’) is a great space-saving option but you need to have it installed. For your weekend transformation, choose a sofa bed or a fold-out ottoman.

An office in a cupboard is also a great space-saving idea but you need an electrician to install power points for your equipment. Instead, opt for an adjustable table that doubles as a bedside table.

Office, guest room or media room?

With the luxury of a spare room, you want to make the most of the space.

When you need to work from home, it makes sense to use this room as an office/guest room.

The secret to getting this combination right is your choice of furniture. To help your guests feel more comfortable, go for softer furnishings and non-traditional office furniture. Perhaps you could find an adjustable table that converts to a coffee table when not in use as a desk. Your chair doesn’t need to be a typical office chair. As long as it’s ergonomically sound, any chair will work.

If you’re in a mostly open plan home, a media room for the colder months is a treat you can put together mostly in a weekend. With a comfortable sofa bed and a couple of elegant armchairs, a pull-down screen and a projector system, your spare room is your home theatre or guest room when needed.

Dining room: Eating space or office alternative

The dining room is often overlooked as a useful multipurpose space but it shouldn’t be. A traditional dining room table doesn’t make the ideal desk, as the height is usually uncomfortable to be used for long periods. However, with an adjustable table, your dining table can convert to desk in seconds.

Alternatively, your dining table could be a dropleaf or gateleg style that takes up minimal space when not in use. With stackable or folding chairs, your dining space can be assembled in minutes. Add a fold-down desk or perhaps a discreet corner desk and you have a serviceable office space.

Storage and room dividers

Good storage and room dividers are your secret weapons in creating a practical but comfortable space.

The best storage space is out of sight. If you don’t have built-in storage, then invest in a bookcase and opaque cubes to house your office bits or your craft equipment.

Alternatives include a guest bed with under-bed storage drawers, a storage ottoman or an old cedar chest that doubles as a side table. Go retro with an old metal filing cabinet and spray paint it to match your room décor. Insert some wire baskets and your filing cabinet becomes a space-friendly chest of drawers.

To define your space and its separate uses, think about a folding screen for your weekend makeover. However, longer term, consider using panel blinds, wooden Venetians or even the humble Holland blind. They’re inexpensive and not as bulky as a built-in wooden room divider. You could even use blinds to add to the ambience; Japanese-style blinds for a minimalist room, wooden venetians for a tropical feel or textured Holland blinds for a Scandinavian neutral palette. And with Venetians or Holland blinds, they can be out of sight when not needed.

Maximise the primary use

The key to successful dual-purpose rooms is about a cohesive design and to maximise the primary use. Choose the right furniture that works together and makes the most of every centimetre. Then choose accessories to pull the look together.

That’s enough for one weekend, don’t you think?

Need more inspiration? Head to Pinterest for adaptable and inspirational dual-purpose room ideas, or check out our Sold properties on our website.

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